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What Will You Learn in the GMAT® Quant Webinar?

Thursdays at 1:00 PM (EST) - In each webinar, you’ll learn strategies, techniques, and approaches for solving some of the most high-value GMAT quant questions. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions regarding how to best prepare for the GMAT, most effectively study, and leverage the Target Test Prep platform to earn a 700+ GMAT score.

What Will You Learn in the GMAT® Verbal Webinar?

Fridays at 11:00 AM (EST) - In each webinar, you’ll see strategies and key moves for solving challenging GMAT verbal questions demonstrated live. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions regarding how to best prepare for the GMAT, most effectively study, and leverage the Target Test Prep platform to earn a 700+ GMAT score.

GMAT® Topics Covered in the Webinars



  1. Essential GMAT Skills

  2. Linear and quadratic equations

  3. Properties of numbers

  4. Roots and exponents

  5. Inequalities and absolute values

  6. General word problems

  7. Unit conversions

  8. Rate problems

  9. Work problems

  10. Ratios

  11. Percent word problems

  12. Overlapping sets

  13. Statistics

  14. Formula logic

  15. Combinations and permutations

  16. Probability

  17. Geometry

  18. Coordinate geometry

  19. Functions and sequences



  1. SC: Subject-Verb Agreement

  2. SC: Pronouns

  3. SC: Modifiers

  4. SC: Meaning

  5. SC: Verbs in Sentence Correction

  6. SC: Parallelism

  7. SC: Comparisons

  8. CR: Identify the Assumption

  9. CR: Weaken the Argument

  10. CR: Strengthen the Argument

  11. CR: Cause and Effect

  12. CR: Resolve the Paradox

  13. CR: Inference and Conclusion

  14. CR: Evaluate the Argument

  15. CR: Logical Flaw

  16. CR: Complete the Passage

  17. CR: Method of Reasoning

  18. CR: Boldface

  19. RC: Primary Purpose

  20. RC: Structure

  21. RC: Specific Purpose

  22. RC: Detail

  23. RC: Inference

  24. RC: Extended Reasoning

About the Hosts

Scott Woodbury-Stewart

Scott Woodbury-Stewart is the founder & CEO of Target Test Prep. A passionate teacher who is deeply invested in the success of his students, Scott began his career teaching physics, chemistry, math, and biology. Since then, he has spent more than a decade helping students gain entry into the world’s top business schools, logging 10,000+ hours of GMAT and GRE instruction.
Scott also served as lead content developer and curriculum architect for the revolutionary courses Target Test Prep GMAT and Target Test Prep GRE.

Jeff Miller

Jeffrey Miller is the head GMAT instructor for Target Test Prep. Jeff has more than 14 years of experience in the business of helping students with low GMAT scores hurdle the seemingly impossible and achieve the scores they need to get into the top 20 business school programs in the world, including HBS, Stanford, Wharton, and Columbia.
Jeff also played a critical role in the development and creation of the TTP GMAT course. His extensive background in content creation allows him to think like the test makers, a skill he passes on to his tutoring students. In short, Jeff can help any student dominate the GMAT.

Marty Murray

Marty Murray is the Chief Curriculum and Content Architect for Target Test Prep. A test prep veteran who has scored 800 on the GMAT, Marty is known worldwide for his understanding of the GMAT and how to prepare for it.
At Target Test Prep, Marty has helped thousands of people to achieve their GMAT and GRE score goals by creating insightful course content and challenging practice questions, and in one-on-one tutoring sessions, he brings to bear a wealth of knowledge and experience to help students get the results they want.

Can’t Attend the Webinars?

If you are unable to attend our live GMAT webinars, you can watch many past webinars on our YouTube channel.

Q51 Lunch With Jeff: Number properties

30 min 52sec

GMAT WEBINAR: Weighted averages

58 min 25 sec

GMAT WEBINAR: Work problems

52 min 08 sec

GMAT WEBINAR: Word problems

59 min 03 sec