• Philip avatar

    TTP Helped Me Get The Job Done!

    I stumbled across TTP really late in the study process. I scheduled the exam for 2 weeks from the date I signed up. Knowing that Math would be my weakest point, I needed a rigorous program that would allow me to concentrate on specific areas of weakness, provide timely feedback, and build on my foundation. In short, I was in an impossible situation, trying to cram and relearn math in short order. The TTP program was fantastic in helping me achieve my goal, boosting my Quant score by 20 points in less than a week of dedicated study. I highly recommend starting the program with enough time to complete the course start to finish, as I think I would have easily added another 30 points. The flexible pricing and the depth of information are other major benefits of the TTP program; given the intensive and time consuming demands of my job, I knew I would not be able to complete a standard course, but TTP helped me get the job done!

    - Philip

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    Comprehensive Course Material and Superior Tutoring!

    I'm a good test taker, but when I studied on my own the first time around, I scored a 690, well below my goal of 730. I then sought a tutor and found Jeff Miller at Target Test Prep. After 4 months of working through the TTP Quant Flex course, I was scoring in the mid-700s on practice tests. I attribute my improvement to both the comprehensive course material – it forces you to learn and retain information – and the superior tutoring I received – Jeff challenged me with questions and explained solutions that weren't conveyed through textbooks/courses. Although the actual GMAT didn’t feel easier to me while I was taking it, my significantly higher score after completing the TTP quant program was proof of how much I had learned and my improved ability to recognize and confidently solve a wide variety of problems. I definitely recommend taking the Flex course, supplemented with tutoring sessions from Jeff, to focus on improving your weaknesses.

    - Julia

  • Tom avatar

    Thanks, Target Test Prep, You ROCK!

    I cannot recommend Target Test Prep enough! My background is Musical Theatre, so I knew I would need to have competitive scores, especially in quant and IR. I initially spent about two months with some books that gave me a good refresher, but my first sitting was a disappointment: Q-39 and 6 on IR. I found TTP at an online forum, and it matched my needs! The dashboard, study plans, practice questions, and chapter tests are invaluable tools. During my second GMAT, I was more comfortable with quant; I had a solid knowledge of all quant principles and knew what each question was asking and what formulas to use. I could quickly identify questions that were too tough for me, allowing me to quickly guess and move on, buying time for other questions. I raised my quant score to 46 (60th percentile) and IR to 8 (93rd percentile). My verbal section also improved drastically, due to having less stress over the quant section. Thanks, Target Test Prep, you ROCK!

    - Tom

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    Hands Down the Best at GMAT Quant

    TTP is incredible!! Hands down the best at GMAT quant. I used TTP’s self-paced program but also worked with a tutor in the 5 weeks before my test. I really liked that all of the data analytics were available to you so you could clearly gauge what topics, questions types, etc. you needed to improve on. I would HIGHLY recommend Scott for one-on-one tutoring. The one-on-one sessions, combined with the online program, were a complete game-changer for my GMAT prep. It’s important to note that I started studying for my GMAT in earnest with a very short timeline before I had to take my test to be eligible for R2 b-school apps (about 6 weeks). Had I started with TTP earlier, my score would have easily been higher, but my goal was to get into the 700 club, which I did! 😊 I am thrilled to have been thus far extended interview invites for 4 out of 6 top 20 MBA programs I applied to. Don’t think I would have had the same outcome if I hadn’t raised my score with TTP! Great program!

    - Kalaya

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    It’s the Approach That TTP Takes With Their Tools + Teachers That Won Me Over.

    I used brute force and got a 710 my first time, not quite enough for top programs. I took the same approach my second time but got stuck at 660-690. I tried other prep programs, but none helped the quant content click. TTP had exactly what I needed - well organized content, progressively challenging questions, short practice sessions, and a continuous feedback loop. Before TTP, I kept track of all my missed questions in a Google Sheet. When I saw that TTP does the tracking for you, I knew they would be a good fit for me. Their tools are built for learning, not just practicing. With just 30 days before my next test, I supplemented the short study plan with tutoring. Jeff was instrumental in helping get my score up. He taught me new ways to approach problems, helped me identify the areas where I made mistakes, and worked to fix my weaknesses. I cannot recommend TTP enough. It’s the approach that TTP takes with their tools + teachers that won me over.

    - Rishi