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Our MBA Admissions Consulting Services in Detail
Comprehensive School Packages

TTP’s flagship service is a complete and comprehensive package that supports applicants throughout the MBA admissions process, from initial planning stages through post-acceptance and matriculation.

All School Packages Include

Your MBA consultant will complete a thorough assessment of your profile and work with you on short- and long-term goal development and school selection activities to refine your target school list and prepare for campus visits.

Your consultant will help you determine the best round to submit applications as well as mitigate against any weaknesses, and collaborate with you on a timeline to ensure you stay on track for your application deadlines.

To build a compelling and memorable application, it’s important to have a clearly articulated personal brand, point of view, and story to share. Your MBA consultant will help you craft a compelling narrative that is sure to stand out and will serve as an overarching part of your holistic application strategy.

You may have a stellar resume that has landed you several elite roles, but that resume won’t necessarily work for your dream school. Learn how admissions committees read resumes and how to leverage this important tool to make your MBA applications stand out.

Your personal statement is the linchpin around which your entire application revolves. Your MBA consultant will work with you to craft a clear and compelling message. You’ll get as many rounds of feedback and revision as you need to ensure that your application essays make a real impact.

Your MBA consultant will help you identify the best individuals to write your letters of recommendation and craft guidance to ensure the letters have impact.

Every touchpoint matters because schools want to be confident that candidates will be a good cultural fit. Your consultant will provide guidance on everything from school visits, online events and how best to communicate with admissions representatives at events or via email to ensure you’re always putting your best foot forward.

Our admissions consultants have interviewed hundreds of MBA candidates. We’ll make sure you know exactly what to expect and are prepared to handle any question. School packages include one mock interview per school.

Your applications are in, acceptance letters received -- now comes the fun part! Our MBA consultants will work with you to help you choose the MBA program that best aligns with your post-MBA career goals and ensure you’re prepared to start your new academic journey on day 1.

Comprehensive School Package Fees
One-School Package $6,400
Two-School Package $8,100
Three-School Package $9,700
Four-School Package $11,100
Five-School Package $12,200
Six-School Package $13,100
Seven-School Package $14,000
À La Carte Services
Hourly Consulting

For applicants looking for specialized support on specific aspects of the application process, such as profile evaluation, application essays, resume, branding, interview preparation, waitlist strategy, and more.

$400 / hour

* 2 hours minimum

Resume Review

A TTP expert coach will thoroughly review your resume and offer guidance and suggestions on how to optimize. This service includes a complete review with written feedback and a 30 minute 1:1 workshop.

$600 / session
Application Review

Submit your complete application and have our team of MBA admissions experts review each component and provide actionable written feedback within 48 hours. We’ll make sure your application is at its best!

$600 / session
Mock Interview Prep

Interviewing at a business school is very different from a job interview. Make sure you’re at your best by preparing with our experts who have conducted hundreds of admissions interviews.

$760 / 1st session
$600 / 2nd session
HSW Interview Prep

When the school is Harvard, Stanford, or Wharton, the interview experience is even more complex. Make sure you’re at your best by preparing with our experts who have conducted hundreds of admissions interviews.

$920 / 1st session
$760 / 2nd session
Ding Strategy

Rejections are never easy, but for reapplicants looking to improve their chances, our MBA admissions experts will review your application to identify areas for improvement and provide you with strategic advice.

$640 / session
Pre-Application Strategy

If you’re thinking about applying to an MBA program in the next 24 months and want to sharpen and level-up your profile, our coaches will do a comprehensive evaluation and build a road map to ensure you’re competitive and putting your best foot forward when it comes time to apply.

$1,200 / session
2+2 Strategy

For college juniors/seniors considering 2+2/Deferred Entry programs. Our MBA consultants will provide you with the specialized guidance necessary to ensure your narrative is impactful and your experiences shine. We’re well-versed in the unique criteria and nuances of deferred entry programs and will make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

$6,400 / 1 school
Mentorship Bundle

If you're two to three years out from applying to an MBA program, but want to make sure you're doing all the right things to set yourself up for success. This bundle includes 1.5 hours of profile evaluation, strategy and roadmap building as well as 1 hour check-ins every quarter for 12-18 months (7-8 hours total).

$2,800 / package

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Your personal MBA admissions consultant will guide you through every step of your admissions journey, from profile assessment and school selection to interview prep and post-application strategy.

Getting into Your Dream

MBA Program with

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Trusted Expertise

TTP admissions consultants are experts with insider knowledge of every aspect of the MBA admissions process and distinguished track records of success helping MBA applicants gain admission to top business schools around the world.

A Dedicated Partner
Your MBA admissions consultant will work closely with you to identify which programs best align with your profile and post-MBA career goals and ensure that you present the best version of yourself at each stage of the admissions process.
Structured for Success
Your MBA admissions consultant will provide a road map to your top-choice schools, working with you to create a timeline with specific action points and guiding you every step of the way, so you can navigate the admissions process as smoothly as possible.
360° Strategy
TTP admissions consultants are pre- and post-application strategy everything in between. Whether you need guidance on personal branding, positioning yourself for scholarships, interviewing at top business schools, or preparing for matriculation, we’re the experts!
À La Carte Options
Wherever you are in the application process, a TTP admissions consultant can empower you to reach your goal . Get expert help with application essays, book a mock interview, or choose from one of our many other à la carte admissions services.
A One-Stop Shop
TTP has you covered every step of the way on your MBA admissions journey . Whether you’re looking for an honest assessment of your chances at particular schools or preparing for your GMAT, GRE, or EA, we’re a one-stop shop to get you MBA ready.
Industry-recognized MBA consultants at your service
TTP admissions consultants are masters of both pre- and post-application strategy, and everything in between. Whether you need guidance on personal branding to positioning yourself for scholarships.

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Expert MBA Consultant with 20+ years of experience

Laura Nelson

Expert MBA Consultant with 15+ years of experience

Emily Lammers

Expert MBA Consultant with 20+ years of experience

Emily Currin

Expert MBA Consultant with 10+ years of experience
TTP Can Help You Wherever You Are In Your MBA Journey
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Frequently asked questions

TTP admissions consultants serve as guides, advocates, and ambassadors to the MBA applicants they work with, supporting their clients throughout the admissions process.

That said, no two MBA applicants are exactly alike. So, your admissions consultant will work with you to craft a plan of action that best addresses your unique needs and goals, whether you need support for specific aspects of your application or throughout your admissions journey.

Moreover, your admissions consultant will help to push you out of your comfort zone, so that you ensure you’re exploring all of the possibilities that are open to you and tapping into your full potential as an MBA applicant.

Anyone looking to transform their career and future with an MBA can benefit from working with our admissions consultants! Our clients come from a variety backgrounds and countries and a broad range of industries, from management consulting and finance to entertainment and the military. TTP admissions consultants, too, have diverse experiences and backgrounds to draw from, so they understand the value that each client brings to the table.

TTP admissions consultants have deep industry knowledge and decades of experience reading and assessing MBA applications. As a result, they have insights into what admission committees are looking for and how admissions builds a class, and thus they can guide you on exactly how to present yourself to different schools.

Moreover, having a knowledgeable and experienced guide there to help you navigate the admissions process and to provide answers to your questions frees you up to focus your time and energy on your application.

Whether a client needs hourly consulting or a school package is a very personal decision, unique to each client. Many MBA applicants prefer school packages because they provide the benefit of comprehensive and holistic guidance. So, applicants can rest assured that they will “dot every i and cross every t.”

That said, if you feel comfortable with certain aspects of the admissions process and are looking for targeted support on specific aspects of your applications, then hourly consulting may be right for you. The great thing about hourly consulting is that it’s flexible. So, even if you start off focusing on certain aspects of your application in hourly sessions, if you then decide you want A-to-Z support, you can always purchase a school package.

Your first session with your admissions consultant will be one of the most productive meetings of your life! You and your admissions consultant will take a deep dive into your profile and target schools, including your work experience, goals, concerns. During this session, honesty and transparency are very important, so that your consultant has all the information necessary to help you best position yourself for success. Expect to leave with homework!

Standard turnaround time is 48 hours. However, expedited service is available for an additional fee.

TTP is a one-stop shop for all of your graduate management education needs, including both test preparation (GMAT, GRE, or EA) and admissions consulting. We know that many students enjoy the convenience of having one trusted partner for their entire MBA journey, so we offer bundle discounts to ensure that you get the best price on the services you need.

How many schools you apply to depends on your individual interests and preferences, but your admissions consultant can certainly help you devise a school list that aligns with your goals.

As for which round to apply in, it’s best to apply during the round in which you can put forth your best possible application. MBA admissions are incredibly competitive, so the margin for error is extremely slim. Thus, while round 1 is ideal because schools haven’t seen other applicants yet, it’s better to apply in a later round with an application that is at 100% rather than apply in round 1 with an application at 75% or 85%. Again, your admissions consultant will work with you to map out your timeline and determine which round is most strategic for you to apply in.

The number of applicants that our consultants work with varies by consultant and depends on the admissions round. However, our consultants are experts who understand the levels of support that different clients need. So, consultants ensure that they have sufficient bandwidth to provide the best possible service to their clients.