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  • The TTP GMAT Course (Quant, Verbal, IR and AWA)
  • The TTP GMAT Focus Course (Quant, Verbal, and Data Insights)
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Dedicated Study

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  • The TTP GMAT Course (Quant, Verbal, IR and AWA)
  • The TTP GMAT Focus Course (Quant, Verbal, and Data Insights)
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Maximum Learning

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  • The TTP GMAT Course (Quant, Verbal, IR and AWA)
  • The TTP GMAT Focus Course (Quant, Verbal, and Data Insights)
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Live Online Classes
Best for people who want to learn from a live instructor.



Maximum learning + Live Instruction

40 hours of live online classes



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Instant access to the self-study course
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  • Personalized homework to improve weak points
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All Target Test
Prep GMAT plans include

Flexible Preparation
Dedicated Study
Dedicated Study / Maximum Learning
Maximum Learning
Personalized study plans to guide you step by step as you prepare for the GMAT or GMAT Focus Edition.
Easy-to-understand Quant, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, and AWA lessons with detailed explanations of every topic the GMAT tests.
Updated Quant, Verbal, and Data Insights lessons to tackle the new challenges of the GMAT Focus Edition.
4,000+ practice questions to fully prepare you for every section of whichever GMAT exam you’re preparing for.
1,200+ video solutions led by expert GMAT instructors.
Insider knowledge of every question type and trap.
Custom practice test builder that makes creating unique practice tests simple and quick.
Intelligent analytics and error tracking to target weak areas and ensure you reach your target score.
Live support from a team of experts who can answer all your GMAT questions
A higher score, guaranteed. Rest easy with TTP’s 130-point GMAT Score Improvement Guarantee.

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#1 Rated GMAT® prep course

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  • From the moment I started studying with TTP’s software, I was amazed by how simple and fun their program was. They made jumping into studying effortless and as painless as possible. It’s the only GMAT resource that any student needs to earn any score he or she desires.

    Dalal Improved from 250 to 780
  • Target Test Prep - Amazing course, both Verbal and Quant. 10/10. I think I finished 82%-ish over my first 2.5 months. Did 100% of Verbal. The entire team's super approachable on chat, with all my random queries or advice requested.

    Vedant Scored 760 on the GMAT®
  • TTP helped me reach my target score after a year-long, on-again off-again relationship with the GMAT. The content is so well-structured. The customer service and support from the TTP team was next level - they genuinely root for their users and are always there to help!

    Karley Scored 720 on the GMAT®
  • TTP helped me make the most of my limited study time. It's organized so, so, so well and really makes the most important yet boring parts of prepping easy: study plan, error tracker, spaced repetition of concepts, etc.

    Mathew Scored 770 on the GMAT®

Frequently asked questions

Yes. All TTP plans allow you to seamlessly transition between the GMAT and the GMAT Focus courses, at no further charge. So, if you change your mind at any point about which test you want to take, as long as your plan is active, you can easily switch from one course to the other at no added cost to you.

Yes. All TTP plans include our award-winning Quant and Verbal GMAT prep courses, as well as the Data Insights course for the GMAT Focus and our Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Assessment courses for the GMAT.

Absolutely. Regardless of whether English is your native language, if you complete the TTP course, you will achieve a significant score improvement. We’re so confident you’ll see a higher score that we offer TTP users a score increase guarantee.

Super close. TTP practice questions are carefully written to test exactly the same skills that the GMAT tests. When you prepare for the GMAT or GMAT Focus with us, you get everything you need and nothing you don’t, so your study time never goes to waste.

The practice questions you see in our course will be appropriately selected for you on the basis of your target score on the GMAT or GMAT Focus. We utilize practice questions ranging from very, very easy to very, very hard, and everything in between.

We currently accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. You can pay using a credit card or debit card that has any of those logos. If you live outside of the United States, you may need to call your bank to request that they allow the transaction. In addition to credit card payments, we accept Paypal.

No. All transactions are securely encrypted and handled by Recurly. We do not store your credit card information.

Never. If you’d like to continue using the TTP GMAT or GMAT Focus course after your 5-day trial ends, you can choose from one of our course options to upgrade to: Flexible Study, Dedicated Study, or Maximum Learning. We won’t auto-bill you just because you took us for a test drive!