What you get with our GMAT mock test

An ultra-realistic, free GMAT practice test online (Quant + Verbal)

A scoring algorithm that mimics the GMAT’s to give you an authentic testing experience

TTP’s Enhanced Score Report with detailed analytics showing your test performance

The opportunity to speak with a TTP GMAT expert about how to structure your GMAT prep

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Assess your GMAT Proficiency with a Mock Test Vetted by One of the Creators of the GMAT

  • Our practice GMAT aligns with the test framework of the real GMAT.

  • We worked with veteran psychometrician and GMAC emeritus Dr. Lawrence Rudner, who approved the GMAT and GMAT Focus algorithms, to ensure the quality of our exam and test questions.

  • Expect a highly realistic testing experience with carefully calibrated question difficulties.

  • Have confidence in your test scores, which are calculated using a proprietary algorithm created by Dr. Rudner.

Every question has been statistically analyzed to determine its difficulty level and ensure that it reflects the quality of the actual GMAT.

Our scoring algorithm has been scaled to the real GMAT scoring system, using hundreds of past test-takers’ scores.

Our test pulls from thousands of realistic GMAT practice questions to ensure the most accurate possible test results.

The TTP GMAT test simulator mimics the look and feel of the real GMAT, so you have the most authentic test-taking experience possible.

The result?

An ultra-realistic, rigorous testing experience and a reliable score, so you’re armed with the data you need for your GMAT test preparation.

Ready to challenge your skills with our new GMAT Practice Test?

Not All GMAT Practice Exams are Created Equal
With TTP’s GMAT practice test, you don’t just get practice – you get a realistic testing experience and a detailed analysis of your performance, so that you can dial in your performance for test day.
Estimate your GMAT score
Our team has used hundreds of GMAT test scores to calibrate our mock test to match the score scale of the actual GMAT.
Get valuable timing insights
TTP’s Enhanced Score Report gives you feedback on your timing for each quarter of your practice test, so you can hone your pacing for test day.
Jumpstart your GMAT prep
Your test results are saved in your TTP account, so you can refer to them anytime once you start your GMAT test preparation with us.
Identify your weak areas
Once you finish your exam, you’ll get an in-depth score report that will help you zero in on areas for improvement.
Review test questions In-depth
Get detailed answer explanations for all of the questions on your test, regardless of whether you answered those questions correctly or incorrectly.
What’s Included in our
Receive a Real GMAT Score and Percentile Ranking
See how your GMAT practice test scores stack up against the scores of other test-takers. With our free GMAT practice test, you get:
  • A GMAT total score (out of 800).

  • Individual Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning section scores.

  • Quantitative and Verbal score percentiles based on GMAC’s current percentile rankings.

Analyze your Pacing and Stamina
Performing on test day is about more than knowing GMAT content. It’s about how you put that knowledge into action.
  • See your accuracy for each quarter of your practice test.

  • Compare your timing on various parts of the test

  • Compare your timing on your correct and incorrect questions.

  • See your average level of ability throughout the test

Easily Review Insights into your Performance on Each Question
Your test doesn’t stop when the timer does. We make it easy to perform an in-depth GMAT practice test review once your test is complete.
  • Review your test at a glance to see your strengths and weaknesses and identify patterns in your correct and incorrect answers.

  • Get a detailed answer explanation for every question on your test.

  • View your timing statistics for every question and see which question types you performed best.

  • See the difficulty level of each question on the exam.

  • Flag questions to review again later.

How It Works

When you click to start your test, you will be taken to a page where you can indicate your target GMAT score range.

Then, select the order in which questions are presented in your test -- just as you would select your section order on the real GMAT.

Once your practice test is complete, we’ll email you a link to your TTP Enhanced Score Report. You can also review your results right away.

Frequently asked questions

Taking a GMAT mock exam allows you to assess what score you currently would be likely to achieve on the GMAT and whether you are ready to hit your score goal. Additionally, taking a mock exam can help you uncover any lingering weaknesses in your GMAT content knowledge or test-taking strategies. For example, you may find that your pacing is off in a particular part of the exam or that your performance on certain question types is not what you expected.

Our GMAT practice test is carefully designed to mimic the difficulty of the real GMAT. In fact, we’ve statistically analyzed each of the GMAT practice questions included in our practice test to ensure the question difficulties are accurate.

Our GMAT practice test software uses an algorithm based on hundreds of past test-takers’ scores and scaled to the real GMAT scoring system. Additionally, our test pulls from a pool of thousands of realistic practice questions crafted by GMAT experts.

Assess your GMAT Readiness with an Expertly Designed Practice Test!