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Why Target Test Prep is the on-demand GMAT® prep course for you

Master the GMAT®

Master the GMAT®

Master every concept, strategy, tool, and technique to earn a top GMAT® score.
Learn from experts

Learn from experts

More than 1200 instructor-led, wisdom-packed teaching videos.
4000+ Practice Questions

4000+ Practice Questions

Practice with thousands of realistic GMAT® practice questions.
Personalized for you

Personalized for you

Follow a personalized plan of study that leads you through every step of the study process.
Smart analytics

Smart analytics

Home in on weak areas with smart analytics and error trackers, and turn weaknesses into strengths.
Guaranteed Success

Guaranteed Success

Study with confidence with our 110-Point Score Improvement guarantee.

TTP™ students earn higher scores on the GMAT®

200Lowest score
550Avg GMAT® score (Worldwide)
800Highest score
730Our students GMAT® score

Target Test Prep StudentsTarget Test Prep Students

730Average reported GMAT® Score
Above all test-takers worldwide
Reported scoring 700 or higher
Average reported Quant Score
Average reported Verbal Score
*This data comes from TTP™ users who posted verified reviews on GMAT® Club.

TTP™ - a globally recognized GMAT® prep course

#1 Rated GMAT prep course

#1 Rated GMAT prep course

On GMAT Club
#1 Rated GMAT prep course

#1 Rated GMAT prep course

2019 - 2022 on MBA Insight
5 Star rating

5 Star rating

On Beat The GMAT
#1 Ranked platform

#1 Ranked platform

For adequately addressing a user’s individual need
#1 Ranked platform

#1 Ranked platform

For Making Difficult Concepts Clear
#1 Ranked platform

#1 Ranked platform

For Showing Deep GMAT Expertise
#1 Ranked platform

#1 Ranked platform

Most likely to be recommended to a friend or colleague

Over 40,000 GMAT® students and growing

GMAT® Lessons Studied

GMAT® Lessons Studied

Hours of video watched

Hours of video watched

Practice questions solved

Practice questions solved

Master every GMAT® Verbal topic

Develop the confidence you need for test day.

  • Comprehensive, easy-to-understand verbal lessons
  • More than 400 instructor-led HD Videos
  • Realistic example questions covering every topic and skill level.
  • Insider knowledge for every verbal question type and trap.

Master every GMAT® Quant topic

There will be no surprises on test day.

  • More than 800 instructor-led HD Videos.
  • Clearly written, well-explained quant chapters.
  • Realistic example questions.
  • Pro tips, tricks,knowledge, and wisdom.

1000+ Verbal Practice GMAT® Questions

Master the Verbal game.

  • Extensive topic-by-topic practice.
  • Solidify your skills with tailor-made questions.
  • Gain experience in SC, CR, and RC.
  • Target your weaknesses and develop your strengths.

3000+ Quant practice GMAT® questions

Proper practice makes perfect.

  • All the GMAT® quant practice questions you need.
  • Learn to apply your new knowledge and skills.
  • Gain experience in Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency.
  • Strategically engage in deep learning.

1200+ Instructor-led GMAT® Quant and Verbal HD Videos

Train with the experts.

  • Step-by-step video solutions to enhance your learning.
  • Solutions covering every quant and verbal topic.
  • See lesson concepts actively applied.
  • Learn to solve questions like an expert.
  • Perform better on GMAT practice tests, and be better prepared for test day.

Master the Analytical Writing Assessment

Proper practice makes perfect.

  • Get a foolproof formula for tackling any GMAT essay topic.
  • Understand every component of a successful AWA essay.
  • Learn expert strategies and practical tips for earning a high AWA score.

Intelligent analytics

Analytics desktopAnalytics mobileQuant AnalyticsVerbal AnalyticsTime per Cuestion
A detailed view of your Quant and Verbal progress, performance, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Clearly see the battlefield.
  • Understand how you compare with your peers.
  • Make strategic decisions.
  • Take impactful steps toward improvement.

Prepare with confidence

Follow a personalized GMAT® study plan.

  • Always know what to do and when to do it.
  • Make consistent gains day after day, week after week.
  • Maximize your study efforts with expert guidance.
  • Study with peak efficiency for Quant, Verbal, and the Analytical Writing Assessment.

Custom practice sets

Create a vast array of Quant and Verbal practice sets.

  • Focus on your areas of opportunity.
  • Drill weak areas until they become areas of strength.
  • Review and reinforce what you’ve learned.
  • Break score plateaus with strategic practice.

Error tracker

Log and analyze your most common mistakes.

  • Easily see what’s keeping you from your goal.
  • Understand your behavioral tendencies.
  • Improve your accuracy and precision.
  • Become a stronger test-taker.

Expert live support

We’ve got your back each step of the journey.

  • Reach out to the TTP™ Team with questions, comments, or concerns.
  • Get opinions from TTP™ Experts regarding your overall study plan.
  • Get expert answers to your questions About the TTP™ Course.
  • Get help with TTP™ Solutions that you do not understand.

We help students reach their GMAT® goals

When I started searching for the best study methods for the GMAT, I saw many people recommend TTP™. Huge shout out to Scott and the team over at TTP™ for designing an amazingly detailed and well-structured course. I would highly recommend their course to anyone studying for the GMAT!
Earned a 750 GMAT Score
This is an excellent course. If you are trying to improve your Quant and need to achieve Q47 - Q51 then definitely give this course a try. I got Q48 twice (during my first two attempts) and Q47 in my third attempt. The success rate is huge.
Improved From 640 to 720
TTP™ was the most helpful resource in getting my quant into the 40s. I needed the deep dive into each topic to strengthen my foundation prior to learning tips and tricks to get through problems faster.
Improved From 540 to 700

TTP™ students are admitted to the top schools

Columbia Business School

TTP™ - a top-rated study platform

Arro44 - GMAT Club moderator
Arro44 - GMAT Club moderator
GMAT Score - 730
I was having a hard time to improve my quant skills throughout my prep. Before finding TTP™, I had tried basically everything from other prep courses to Khan Academy to half the threads on this forum. However, I had significant problems to score above 40 points consistently. I reached out to Scott from TTP™ on this forum and we setup a call, he was very honest and told me that it would be hard work but ...
Pakman33 - GMAT Club moderator
Pakman33 - GMAT Club moderator
GMAT Score - 700
The course was exactly what I needed to hone my skills in Quant. I learned that the GMAT takes a combination of skill and ability, but not much knowledge outside of some formulas. Both your skill and ability will improve dramatically with the amount of questions TTP™ will throw at you. They help you build a skill and then test your ability, help build another skill and test your ability ...
Brendan - GMAT Club moderator
Brendan - GMAT Club moderator
GMAT Score - 770
It was at the time I completed the Target Test Prep trial and fell in love. I wish this was something I found much earlier on in my studies. I loved the way each section is broken down and how the program flows from topic to topic. As I was on a time crunch I mainly focused on completing 1 or 2 medium quizzes for each topic, followed by the hard ones. Any topic which I couldn’t consistently ...