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Why Target Test Prep is the GMAT Focus course for you

Master concepts

Master the GMAT Focus

Master every concept, strategy, tool, and technique to earn a top GMAT Focus score.
Realistic practice questions

4,000+ Practice Questions

Sharpen your skills with thousands of realistic GMAT Focus practice questions of every type.
Teaching videos

Learn from the Experts

More than 1,200 wisdom-packed instructional videos led by GMAT Focus teachers.
Study plan

Personalized for You

Get a personalized study plan that guides you through each step of your GMAT Focus preparation.
Analytics and error trackers

Smart Analytics

Home in on weak areas with robust analytics and error tracking, and turn weaknesses into strengths.
Score Improvement

Guaranteed Success

Study for the GMAT Focus with confidence with our best-in-class 130-point Score Improvement Guarantee.

Prepare for the GMAT Focus Edition

  • Get a study plan specifically crafted for the GMAT Focus.
  • Be prepared for all GMAT Focus question types.
  • Study only what you need for the Focus Edition and nothing you don’t need.
GMAT Focus Edition

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Lessons numbers

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Practice questions solved

1,400+ instructor-led HD videos

Learn to solve questions like an expert.

  • Step-by-step video solutions enhance your learning at every stage.
  • See concepts from each Quant, Verbal, and Data Insights lesson applied in real time.
  • Perform better on practice exams, and be better prepared for GMAT test day.
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Prepare with confidence

Follow a study plan made just for you.

  • Always know exactly what to do and when to do it.
  • Make consistent gains day after day, week after week.
  • Study with peak efficiency for Quant, Verbal, and Data Insights.
Verbal TopicVerbal TopicVerbal Topic

Achieve Quant mastery

There will be no surprises on test day.

  • Crystal-clear, in-depth explanations of every Quant concept
  • Easy-to-digest lessons that progressively build knowledge and skills
  • Pro tips, tricks, shortcuts, and insights to up your game
Achieve quant from desktopAchieve quant from mobile

Conquer every Verbal question type

GMAT Verbal has never been this easy to beat.

  • Specific strategies for each Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension question type
  • Insider knowledge of every trap answer type and “trick of the trade"
  • Realistic practice that builds key skills at every level
Verbal TopicVerbal TopicVerbal Topic

Crush the new Data Insights section

Develop the accuracy and speed required to excel in DI.

  • Comprehensive lessons that break complex problems into simple steps
  • Every DI concept, strategy, and skill demystified
  • Ample practice in all 5 DI question types
Data Insights from desktopData Insights from tablet

700 Quant and Verbal flashcards

Study on the go anytime, anywhere.

  • Quiz yourself on key concepts in Quant and Verbal.
  • Create custom cards and decks.
  • See only the cards you still need to learn.
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Intelligent Analytics

Analytics desktopAnalytics mobileQuant AnalyticsVerbal AnalyticsTime per CuestionData insights
Have the data you need to study more strategically.
  • Clearly see the battlefield with a detailed view of your Quant, Verbal, and DI progress, performance, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Understand how you compare with your peers.
  • Take impactful steps toward improvement with each study session.

Custom practice

Practice what you want, when you want.

  • Create a vast array of Quant, Verbal, and DI practice sets.
  • Drill weak areas until they become areas of strength.
  • Review and reinforce what you’ve learned, and practice building up to test pace.
Practice Sets from desktopPractice Sets from mobile

Error tracker

Easily see what’s holding back your score.

  • Log and analyze your most common mistakes with hassle-free, built-in error tracking.
  • Uncover bad habits and understand your behavioral tendencies.
  • Improve your accuracy and become a stronger GMAT test-taker.

Expert live support

We’ve got your back at every step of the journey.

  • Reach out to the TTP Team anytime with questions, comments, or concerns.
  • Get advice from TTP GMAT Focus experts about your overall study plan.
  • Get answers to your questions about the TTP course and help with practice questions you don’t understand.

We help students reach their GMAT goals

Everybody said TTP was the one-stop-shop solution to a great GMAT score, and I believe the same. I did it, and it was a really great and fun experience overall!
Scored 735 on the GMAT Focus
(99.7th percentile)
The people that work on TTP’s material are truly Masters. They’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what the best way to learn all of this content is and what content specifically should be learned in what order.
Scored 755 on the GMAT Focus
(99.9th percentile)
TTP has been a really valuable resource because it makes you recognize patterns and immediately understand the kind of problem you are facing and how to solve it.
Scored 735 on the GMAT Focus
(99.7th percentile)

TTP™ students are admitted to the top schools

Hardvard business school
Columbia Business School

The top-rated study platform

zhangzhuweileo, 715 GMAT score
GMAT Focus score 715
The level of comprehensiveness for the lessons for both the quant, verbal, and DI sections and the number of available practice questions are just amazing. The lessons are designed that allow maximum flexibility for each candidate and focus on what we need to learn and improve on. The 5000+ question bank provides limitless practice for individuals who are keen to improve their score ...
irks_a, 695 GMAT score
GMAT Focus score 695
Design, question bank, strategies to tackle questions and exam day, Would make the product better: I would potentially add a mode for online exam takers that would mimic the conditions of having a supervisor that might distract you in the middle of a section. I used TTP for 1.5 months before the exam, and I could not be happier with the platform...
Alvaroacb96, 675 GMAT score
GMAT Focus score 675
Strengths: Adaptability, fast respond staff, strategic approach to the test. Would make the product better: Not a big deal, but I would give trial live classes to the platform users in order to see if this better suits their learning style. I started my preparation for the GMAT 5 months before the application deadline, and after exploring a ton of options...